Pataki Tiles – Handmade terracotta tiles for your home and garden

Handmade terracotta tiles

for your home and garden

Positano moorish wall tilework

Positano, Italy

Although Zillij was not really our profile, we enjoyed creating an andalusian room that would have been done so 500 years before too.

Patterns were originally selected from the Alhambra heritage,while the upper star-like pattern was added by us.

The design process and colour definition was led by the client, allowing us some room though. We succeeded to build up the right colour space and resultd in a flourishing surface.

Lower and upper patterns are assembled from the same set of mosaic pieces.

Each tile was made separately, and there are more than 60,000 pieces on the walls.

The whole project took 6 months from the first ideas to the finish. Beyond design and production, we arranged delivery to Positano, did the mosaic assembly and the actual onsite tiling work.