Pataki Tiles – Handmade terracotta tiles for your home and garden

Handmade terracotta tiles

for your home and garden


Our Old English tiles are perfect for floor and wall surfaces. Being resistant to heat, cold and water, they can be installed in hearths, fireplaces, or outdoor pavements, fountains.

York Lady ChapellIV

Designs have been selected from the outstanding heritage of medieval England.


both glazed or natural

Custom colours available on request. For special colours larger minimum order quantities apply

15 x 15 cm, thickness 1,5 cm
10 piece per box

Minimum order quantity
1 box

Original samples

Byland Abbey, North Yorkshire, 13th Century AD, British Museum collection.

Chertsey Abbey, Surrey. Around 1250 AD.
Today in the British Museum.

The King’s pavement, Clarendon Palace, Wiltshire. 1240 AD. British Museum collection.

Reproducing originals

When we do replacement pieces that have to fit into original floors in restauration projects, often the requirement is to produce worn, rugged surfaces that look very old. There are several ways to produce such surfaces These pictures show a few of them.

These patterns, shapes, colours and forms come from an era far back in time. Gothic Britain has seen the custom of using wonderfully mastered pavements s to mature to a colourful tradition in religious buildings, like the ones still there at Rievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire. These stunning surfaces created by brothers working for the Church were later adopted by wealthy secular patrons to place them both in private and public spaces, thus establishing a still lasting tradition.

Later, in the Victorian era they were rediscovered and extensively used by factories like Minton to produce encaustic tiles. Their medieval originals, which date back to the 13-15th century, are the ones we reproduce. All by hand, in the traditional way of slip filled impression.

There are thousands and more original medieval patterns that are well documented and can be reproduced. We sampled a smaller selection here that shows the main pattern types. Feel free to find your own pattern or colour combination – we are prepared to work with special sizes, colours or patterns.

Available patterns

There are hundreds of patterns available. Here below are ones we worked with previously. Labeled as O1-O21 in the first three rows, and G1-G2 in the fourth row.

Patterned bordures

half 1-4


These tiles show the different colour schemes glazed and natural surfaces.Medieval originals were lead glazed with vivid, yellowish, ver y glossy surfaces. Today we offer natural unglazed or glazed finish and different types of aging.

The colour scheme: three standard colours shown in natural, with yellowish glaye and with clear glaze.